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Philippine pop culture 2016
As if covering two events this week alone wasn't already enough, it was already time to cover ToyCon 2013, the most anticipated pop culture event of the ...
... 35 most popular articles plus five never-before-released stories that all shed light on little-known truths in local history and pop culture.
Favorite shows of Batang 90s
PhilFest 2016
The Philippine TOYCON: The Biggest Pop Culture Event in the Philippines celebrates its 13th year
AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016
8 Pinoy Pop Culture Characters that Will Win You Best Costume this Year
With different placards inspired by modern pop culture, they raise their fists as they chant “Marcos, Diktador,” on the evening of Bonifacio Day, Nov. 30.
P – Pop Entertainment Awards 2016
A Stark Choice For Filipino Drug Addicts: Surrender Or Risk Being Killed : Parallels : NPR
100 Sexiest Men in the Philippines 2016 – Full List
15. Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika, 1978, words and music by Ryan Cayabyab. This was the grand prize winner of the First Metropop Music Festival where it was ...
A wall was transformed into a mural echoing the call of human rights groups to stop
2016 Pinoy Kpop Star Guidelines
Hall M: Asia's first Marvel Showcase to be launched at AsiaPOP Comicon Manila
Facebook reveals pop culture preferences of followers of presidential, VP bets
Local Lifestyle Shows You Can Watch in the Philippines
The Philippine Jeepney, 2015 Philippines Culture, Manila Philippines, Philippines Travel, Filipino Art
This year, Cosplay Mania will be going into its 9th year, boasting some of the most impressive growth for a local pop culture event.
Filipino Americans: Blending Cultures, Redefining Race
Passion and procession: art of the Philippines
Aldub was the recent pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines. First, we see them do this:
How Countries Like the Philippines Fall Into Vigilante ViolenceHow Countries Like the Philippines Fall Into Vigilante Violence
Philippines elections 2016: what you need to know – the Guardian briefing
List of Senatorial Candidates for 2016 Philippine Election
The Philippines Readers and Writers Festival 2016: Book Blogging 101
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BGC Passionfest 2016: A celebration of the Filipino culture and the arts
From left (top row): Serika Nagano, Kotone Hitomi, Yurina Gyouten, Riona Hamamatsu, Rena Fukuchi and Karin Shimoaoki. (bottom row): Nanami Satou, ...
10 Controversial Works by Filipino Artists
Forget Love Island, Filipino pop-star love teams take manufactured romance to a whole new level
Philippine Fashion Week: Streetwear and Rebel Styles for Men in 2016
The Philippines' greatest female philosopher has died
Give it a listen and, who knows, you might just feel #blessed enough to realize that 2016 hasn't been all that bad after all.
III, NO. 2 | JuLY 2016
Top 10 Dance Crazes in the Philippines
Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier answers on the same question asked to the top three finalists in the Miss Universe 2016 competition Monday, Jan.
Rodrigo Duterte, the front-runner in the Philippines' presidential election and the mayor of Davao City, during a campaign rally in Manila, the capital, ...
Two women balancing baskets on their heads.
6:59 AM - 2 Sep 2016
10 Filipino Social Phenomena
Celebrating Pinoy Pop Culture: Linggo ng Wika – Komiks ang Bida 2015
Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, who is part German, blowing a kiss to the audience
How the Filipino Maid became a Pop Culture Hero
Philippine Madrigal Singers (CCP Main Theater, 2016-10-08).jpg
Daniel Padilla at Celebrate Mega in Iceland 2016 (6).jpg
Jay Loyola, with Kristian Kabuay and Alleluia Panis, answering questions at the dialogue at USF. DARIUS MUNOZ
10 Theatrical Shows to See in Manila in 2016
In Philippine Drug War, Death Toll Rises And So Do Concerns About Tactics
... Poly Manalo Herrera, Rachel Lozada, and Dr. Lenny Strobel at the Legacy Kamayan Dinner honoring outstanding artistic leaders on May 13, 2016.
10 Gold Artifacts You Should See in the Philippine Gold Exhibit in NYC
8:21 PM - 24 Jun 2016
List of 2018 Otaku and Cosplay Events Philippines
8th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2015_0001
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AsiaPOP Comicon Manila Page Liked · July 18 · Edited · Ticket prices for AsiaPOP Comicon
Toym Imao's 'Casafuego' merges pop culture with history
Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte speaks during his election victory celebration in Davao, Philippines, on June 4. (Lean Daval Jr./Reuters)
Jejemon Culture: The True Cause Of Destruction Of The Philippines Today
ToyCon 2016+ Pop Life FanXperience will be the biggest celebration of all things associated with pop culture such as toys, games, movies, cosplay, anime, ...
AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 released its final Roster of Celebrity Headliners
Phil Star SUPREME · @PhilStarSUPREME. Conversations on pop culture ...
Vincent Rodriguez III stars as Josh Chan in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and is one of two actual Filipino actors playing lead characters who happen to share their ...
Furious Leaders: Who Said It, General Antonio Luna or Mayor Rodrigo Duterte? Heneral
Philippines Grand Prize in Korea World Dance Festival
He Did It Again: Philippine President Keeps Insulting The U.S. (And Obama)
Solenn Heussaff - Phil Star Supreme Magazine Cover [Philippines] (22 October 2016)
8:23 PM - 2 Apr 2016
The Culture Of The Philippines
9:10 PM - 2 Dec 2016
In the Philippines, celebrity, melodrama and national politics are deeply entangled
U.S. Halts Aid Package to Philippines Amid Drug Crackdown - The New York Times
PPOP Entertainment Awards 2016
Philippine Panorama
13 Times the Philippines is
A Street Fighter in Manila: how eSports is kicking off in the Philippines
8 Pinoy Pop Culture Characters that Will Win You Best Costume this Year
9:04 PM - 1 Jul 2016
KCC Exhibit to highlight Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo